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Our track-record (pun unintended) is second to none.

Trusted by Customers

Customers know they do not have to worry about their vehicles once they hand them over.

Fast Deliveries

We pick the smartest routes for the fastest journeys.

We Delight Our Customers by Going the Extra Mile

We are blessed with repeat customers because our focus is always on delivering the most seamless, painless transportation experience possible.

Road Worthy Transport is a company built by people who love cars and are experts in transporting them. Our love of cars drives us to deliver excellent service and ensure that every vehicle in our care gets the best treatment possible.


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Asked Questions

Can I track my vehicle as it is being transported to the destination?

Yes! You will be able to track your vehicle in real-time, 24/7, from the comfort of your home. When you book us for transporting your vehicle you will be provided with a tracking code that will keep you updated on where your vehicle is right now. You will also be notified when it reaches the destination. 

Can my car be picked up / delivered to a residential address?

We provide door to door transport service. Our experts will bring our transport trucks to your residential address and load the vehicle in them directly in most cases. However, in cities which may have regulations against big trucks in residential areas or do not have wide enough roads, our experts will ask to meet you at a convenient location for pickup or receiving.

Does my car need to have license plates?

No, your vehicle will not be driven, it will be transported inside our trucks, so you can take off the license plates and keep them. We will only need the keys to load and offload the vehicle into the truck.

Do I need a Bill of Lading?

Yes, a bill of lading is necessary as it states the current condition of the car, helping you ensure it gets to the destination in the same condition. It is also required for insurance purposes and claims.

Can I transport a car that cannot be driven?

Since the vehicles are transported via trucks, they do not need to be drivable for transport. However, the vehicles are loaded and offloaded by starting them and driving up a ramp into the truck. If your vehicle is not running then please let our experts know, we will come up with equipment that allows us to load and offload your vehicle without requiring it to be functional. There are additional costs for this service. 


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